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  • What's a bike park?
    A community bike park is a place where children and adults can safely learn and play on bicycles, away from traffic. It consists of sculpted rolling terrain in an area that could be as small as a baseball diamond. It’s like a skate park, but is made of soil, is quiet, and fits naturally into the surrounding landscape.
  • Why build a bike park?
    - Provide a safe place for kids and adults to ride bikes in a controlled environment - Reduce screen time by encouraging healthy activities - Give cyclists a place to ride off road
  • How much will it cost? And who's gonna pay for it?
    The cost of the bike park will depend on its design, and we're still working on that. It is the goal of Burlington Bike Park to raise all necessary funds for construction and maintenance of the bike park.
  • Who can use the bike park?
    Our bike park will be have something for everyone from beginners to advanced riders, with accessible progression that will keep everyone entertained.
  • What kind of bike will I need?
    Bikes with knobby, dirt-worthy tires are best. Most kids' bikes will work great. You'll have the most fun on a mountain bike, BMX bike, or dirt jumper.
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